Cnoc an Dúin was once a Gaeltacht area. Due to the richness of the Irish in the area, Dr. Wilhelm Doegan (1877-1967) Director of the Lautabteilung, the Sound Department at the Prussian State Library visited Knockadoon to collect oral folklore from native speakers of Irish. Séamus Breathnach is an example of one of the many native speakers he recorded in Knockadoon. Here is an extract from the collection:

An Ceantar / The Locality

CNOC AN DÚIN was once a Gaeltacht area. It is situated in East Cork, 5kms beyond Ballymacoda Village - across the bay from Youghal.

The camp is owned by the Dominican Order and Fr. Damien O.P. is the camp director. Knockadoon operates as a holiday camp. The accomodation is basic but adequate

Cé hé Sinne - An Coláiste agus fhoireann an Coláiste / Who We Are - The College and College Personnel

Each summer Cúram organises an Irish College in Knockadoon. This college is in existence since 1975 and is unique in many ways.

  1. Voluntary Spirit
  2. All the Organisers and leaders give up their summer holidays to work for an Coláiste.

  3. Personal Attention
  4. A large number of young leaders provide a high level of supervision and attention.

  5. Culture and Sport
  6. Coláiste Cúram offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities.

Ár gCuspóirí / Our Aims:

  1. Saol iomlán trí Ghaeilge:
  2. To create a community of Irish speakers for 3 week providing young people with an opportunity to live a full life through Irish.

  3. Cultúr na hÉireann:
  4. To enable students to learn and appreciate Irish games, music, song and dance.

  5. Spiorad Pobail:
  6. To develop a sense of community spirit among the students.

  7. Forbairt an Duine:
  8. To develop the creative personality of the students through courses such as art, music, drama etc.

    It is hoped that having completed the course, students will feel at ease in speaking Irish, will have come to appreciate Irish culture and will have been enriched by the community and spirit of the college.

Every effort is made to ensure a safe and healthy environment that promotes the wellbeing and welfare if all within the college community.

Gnáth Clár an Lae / A Typical Day

# Time Activity
1 9:30 Bricfeasta
2 10:00 Ranganna Gaeilge
3 13:00 Dinnéar
4 15:00 Cursaí Roghnaithe
5 18:00 Tae
6 19:00 Cúrsái Breise Roghnaithe
7 20:30 Céillí agus Craic
8 23:00 Soilse Múchta

Cód Iompair / Code of Behaviour

Students must speak Irish at all times while attending the course. A high standard of behaviour will be expected of all students. Every student should show respect for his or her fellow students, teachers/leaders, camp staff and the ideals of the College.

No student is allowed to bring reading material in English. All personal music systems are prohibited. The use of cigarettes, alcohol and illegeal substances is prohibited. The use of mobile phones will be restricted.

Students must take an active part in College activities. Students must remain within the grounds of the College unless accompanied by leaders or with special permission. The parents/guardians of children who fail to comply with these standards will be notified immediately.

Foirm Iarratais / Application

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